Pool Table FAQ

Who are you guys? The Parent company is Becks Billiards. We are a full service local Pool Table company located in Phoenix Arizona.

What is better a one piece slate or a 3 piece slate? All tournaments are played on 3 piece slate tables because they are the only tables that can be leveled to BCA specifications. Every major manufacturer for the past 150 years uses three pieces of slate. One piece slate did not come out until the mid fifties. The reason that one piece slate is inferior is because the slate just sits on top of the pool table and cannot not be manipulated . Three piece slate tables are bolted to the frame with a minimum of 4 screws per piece allowing for proper adjustment.

What kind of pool table should I buy? A short answer is buy American. Most American made pool tables are of very good quality. Be sure to buy one that has the manufacturers name plate on it. Many times people may think they own an Olhausen, but if it does not have a name plate, most likely it is a knock off. Most import tables are of very low quality: they use inferior slate, wood and even hardware. The are only a few import tables that I would suggest; Fischer, World of Leisure, and Brunswick. These tables are comparable to your average domestic table. Some of the best domestic tables to buy: Connelly Pinnacle Collection, Olhuasen, Beach, C.L. Bailey, Proline, Connelly Canyon series, Gandy and Peter Vitale.

What should I look for when buying a used pool table: The most important thing to look for is the manufacturer. Then you want to be sure that the slate is in good condition, ask if it has ever been moved and by whom. A good clue to walk away from a table is if they say they moved it themselves. Many times pool tables will end up with broken slate when they are moved without being taken apart. Look under the table to see if the slate or frame has any cracks. Finally, check to see how the ball rolls on the table. Does it bounce off of the cushions or can you hear a thud when it hits the side rail. If you hear a thud and the cushion rubber is hard to the touch, it needs to be replaced.

Warranty Info: All of our used tables come with a lifetime level warranty and a 5 year parts and labor warranty on the slate, rubber, and pockets. This is an even better warranty than what you get from the manufacturer because the manufacturer does not cover the labor. All tables are inspected to be sure that everything structurally is in perfect condition. Buying a Certified used pool table from Beck’s Billiards is better than buying new because you get the quality and piece of mind at 1/2 the price.