Pool Table Cloth Color Chart

I'm just moving my pool table - why do I need to worry about Color Options?
Pool tables need to be taken apart in order to move them properly and to minimize the risk of damage to the pool table or the home. The “moving” portion of our job is the easy part, it is just labor. The reason we get paid a premium over a moving company is the skill needed to level the 3 separate sections of slate and to re-apply the felt so there are no wrinkles and the skill and experience that we have in the entire moving event.
During this process we take the felt off of the table and re-apply it at the new location. Because we have to take it off, if a customer wants new cloth during the move it is cheaper for them to do it at the same time. They will save about $75.00 by re-placing the cloth during a move, so it is very common for us to move and re-cover a customer's pool table. We have many color options to choose from - below are some examples for you to check out.
Tour EditionPro-AmValleyMercury UltraSaturn InvitationalInvitationalTitanTitan Brites
Select from the below surface colors to view a detail of the fabric and check brand availability.
00 Basic Green

31 Champion- ship Green

32 Dark Green

35 Red

36 Olive

37 Taupe

38 English Green

39 Bottle Green

41 Brite Pink

43 Electric Blue

45 Golden

46 Khaki

47 Camel

51 Academy Blue

53 Brite Gold

55 Purple

57 Euro Blue

58 Navy

59 Brown

62 Burgundy

66 Wine

72 Steel Gray

74 Titanium

75 Charcoal

77 Black

81 Aztec

84 Brite Orange

85 Brite Blue

93 Brick

detail of selected swatch above
Simonis Colors Felt Billiards Table

For more information on the qualities of the different cloth options, please call us at 602.999.0006.